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Got Pakistan Flying Cement 7700TPD Preheater EP Work|
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It's a great news that through our 5months efforts we had successfully got Pakistan Flying Cement's trust and got it's new production line with 7700TPD preheater steel structure EP contract.

For considering long route  logistic and construction period, The structure we designed is the mordern industry steel structure type:
'+' welding type of steel columns with H section steel columns for supporting, and with H section steel for platform beams, bracing for consider the structure with big load we choosed the steel pipe as it have very good force capacity.

The total weight of steel structure will be about 3000Tons, and steel structure will be about 2200Tons. 

Mr.Kamran(CEO of flying cement)/Mr.Zafar(MD of flying cement/
Mr.Malik(CEO of ZAS)/Mr. Ali(MD of ZAS) and Mr. Derick Zhang(MD of MCE) were attend the EP contract signed meeting on 04-Oct.2017 in flying cement company.

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